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Fanyu Lin

Love is Life-Giving, 2023
36" H x 72" W
This triptych painting embodies universal creativity's explosion through a celestial dance of color, motion and emotion. It paints a passionate magenta love rhapsody, mirroring the fiery energy of cosmic birth. The magenta swirls, undulates, and bursts into being like a star being born, embodying the ceaseless energy of love. It's the universe's heart beating in color and form. Violet tendrils weave into the magenta, bringing a sense of calm and wisdom. Yellow is where the lights are, reaching out across the dark expanse. The climactic bursts of red and white illustrate life's genesis from love. The red signifies the vibrant energy of life, pulsating and thrumming through the universe's veins. The white symbolizes purity and the limitless potential of creation. The playful dance of colors, the fluid movement, the sheer joy in its creation activate a part of us that is inherently creative, reaffirming the life-giving power of love.
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