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Heidi Lanino

Figure No. 3 Falling, 2023
Works on Paper
47" H x 35" W
Drawing the figure from the inside out. Part of a series of abstract works, sensually dynamic and rhythmic depictions of the figure in movement explore gestural lines, strokes, and marks that become the subject matter itself, revealing the kinesthetic beauty and strength of the body in motion. This piece is part of the series 'Folded Females' gestures folding and unfolding that I continue to explore. Acrylic and charcoal on paper, ready to frame. This folding process becomes the act of moving through something both emotional and physical, like life but contained. The process of the making is just as important as the piece. This paper relief was sprayed with Archival Spray Varnish which provides a protective finished layer. The folds of the paper are reinforced with matte medium to give strength and durability to the paper and folds. This figurative relief can be placed in a shadow box frame.
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