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Laura Porcelli

Between embers and winds, 2024
68" H x 48" W
In this acrylic painting on canvas, I chose an abstract representation of the natural forces of fire and wind. Instead of literal or recognizable forms, I used a series of dynamic and fluid brushstrokes to evoke the essence of these forces. The red and orange tones at the bottom are not actual embers, but an abstract interpretation of energy and heat. The curves and swirls of the brushstrokes suggest movement without defining it concretely, allowing the viewer's imagination to complete the image. Similarly, the lighter and cooler tones at the top do not represent literal winds, but their presence and effect. The soft and ethereal brushstrokes create an atmosphere of lightness and fluidity, capturing the sensation of wind in an abstract manner. The transition between warm and cool colors is intentionally ambiguous, suggesting an interaction without explicitly describing it.
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