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Laura Waldusky

Blue Window, 2021
Works on Paper
66" H x 35" W
On Hold
Blue Window is a part of an ongoing series of large panels. The works may be displayed individually or in a grouping. Because there is no right way up, there is the option to be displayed vertically or horizontally. This is up to the viewer. The metallic center painted with mirror effect paint is embossed to create dimension. The rough edges give a slab-like effect and are intentionally imperfect. A common underlying theme in Waldusky's works is the idea of siblings. When the works are created they are often in pairings, whether identical or fraternal. The idea being that if the works are separated, they are not alone in the world. They have a mate or a family member and may be reunited someday. The sibling to Blue Window is Pink Window. Blue Window debuted at Red Dot Miami 2021 with Gabriel Fine Arts London. The exhibitor won for Best International Gallery. This piece is located in New York and ships from the US.
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