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Meet the Team

Wright Harvey, President & Founder

ON THE CLOCK / Every morning I spend as much time as possible playing and drawing with my daughter, Jojo, and then head to Sugarlift's office in NoMad. My days consist of meetings with artists, collectors and other people who make the art world go round. My favorite part of the job is brainstorming and commissioning new projects with the many talented artists working with Sugarlift. At night, I love checking out new art openings or going to an event with the Morgan Library Young Fellow’s or The Met's Apollo Circle. But the nights I look forward to the most are spent at home cooking dinner with my wife, Calvine, and cracking open a bottle of wine.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / My weekend now primarily consist of dad time with my family. I try to go to at least one museum show per weekend with my daughter -- though sometimes we opt for the park instead!

ALBUM / Frozen soundtrack on repeat

FILM / Free Solo

ARTIST / Walton Ford -- Falling Bough is one of my favorite paintings of all time.

BOOK / Setting the Table, by Danny Meyer

EATS / Home cooking and a nice bottle of wine from our local wine shop, Vinyl Wine

GUILTY PLEASURE / Great British Bake Off

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Hannah Foster, Head of Art Advisory

ON THE CLOCK / No two days are the same! I might have meetings with interior designers, consultations in clients’ homes, artist studio visits, or not-so-glamorous packing, shipping (schlepping) days. Working in a small team = wearing many hats! It’s all in the service of connecting emerging artists with collectors, and the best days are when we get to share drinks alongside a newly installed painting in a happy client’s home. I’m also a writer and dancer, so after work I might take a ballet class or work on an article assignment. 

YOUR ART WEEKEND / Since I recently moved to the UWS from Williamsburg (L train nonsense), the Met is a 10 minute bus ride away! I can only put up with so many weekend tourists, so my husband Paul and I will spend time in 1-2 exhibits then splurge on an early dinner. Art day two might be seeing a ballet, an independent movie or a concert.

ALBUM / Upbeat Spotify playlists that put some spring in the step on the walk to work.

FILM / A period piece :)

ARTIST / Matisse’s Femme au Chapeau was the painting that made me start thinking critically about the visual arts.

BOOK / The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. Lives other Than My Own by Emmanuel Carrère.

EATS / Any kind of salty Asian noodle soup. Or French cheeses with crusty bread. Between French painters, writers and food, there seems to be a theme here...

GUILTY PLEASURE / Hibernating all day to binge watch movies or a show with Paul.

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Caroline Rice, Intern

OCCUPATION / Intern at Sugarlift & Student at Columbia

ON THE CLOCK / From Monday to Thursday I’m your typical college student; I go to class, eat lunch in the dining hall, and get homework done. On Fridays, I switch into work mode and come to the Sugarlift office. Weekends are for getting ahead on homework for the week to come, helping with Sugarlift events, and exploring the city!

YOUR ART WEEKEND / I’m trying to see as much of New York City as I can during my two years here. That can mean checking out a new museum, wandering around sculpture installations in parks, or marvelling at buildings whose architecture makes them stand out from their neighbors.

ALBUM / Rent (Original Broadway Cast). It has a song for every mood and every situation.

FILM / I recently watched Sink or Swim, a French film about middle-aged men who form a synchronized swimming team. It was honest, brutally French, and delightful overall.

ARTIST / I’ve always had a soft spot for Vermeer. A bucket list item for me is to see all of them in person -- it’s a reasonable goal since there are so few!

BOOK / The first author that comes to mind is J. K. Rowling / Robert Galbraith. I love stories, of all kinds, and Rowling is especially good at creating realistic characters and pinpointing the details of daily life with which everyone can empathize.

EATS / Potatoes. Sautéed, baked, mashed, buttered, roasted, turned into gnocchi… My roommate makes fun of me.

GUILTY PLEASURE / Pastries. My go-to favorites are croissants, but I’ve discovered rugelach here in New York and I’m adding it to my roster of favorites!

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