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Matt Barteluce & Caitlin Masley-Charlet

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This week we're catching up with Matt Barteluce and Caitlin Masley-Charlet from Guttenberg Arts, a non-profit printmaking studio and artist residency program just across the Hudson River in Guttenberg, New Jersey. 


Matt Barteluce: Guttenberg, NJ

Caitlin Masley-Charlet: Brooklyn 


Matt: Guttenberg, NJ

Caitlin: Guttenberg, NJ


Matt: Director of Guttenberg Arts

Caitlin: Deputy Director of Guttenberg Arts


Matt: 50% creative work, 40% administrative work, 10% other.

Caitlin: Wow, my days vary so much. There are so many great artists and curators to meet with and different project deadlines we have that it’s pretty exciting. Mostly, I drop my stuff in the office and hang out with the artists and talk about art / do some computer stuff / eat lunch with the artists / do more computer work for Guttenberg Arts. Throw in our regular openings, workshops and events and weeks are full! All around it’s pretty awesome.


Matt: The Metropolitan Museum, in the Arms and Armor Room with a sketch book.

Caitlin: I love traveling to the tri-state area’s smaller museums. So many are incredible and you get out of town to experience.


Matt: Toubab KreweTK2

Caitlin: Eek, I like silence. 


Matt: Whiplash

Caitlin: Hands down, Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky. 


Matt: Neo Rauche

Caitlin: For years my favorites have been experimental architects that make lots of drawings and collages, such as Lebbeus Woods, Archigram, and the Metabolists.


Matt: Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories

Caitlin: Anything by Stanislaw Lem.


Matt: Cuban sandwiches.

Caitlin: We cook so much at home -- since the weather is cooler we have been using our slow cooker for stews and baking bread, but when we’re out we love the truffle and mushroom pizza at Louie and Chan on Broome.


Matt: "Skate Jawn” woodcut by Dylan Goldberger. 

Caitlin: Haha, a classic Playmobil medieval castle.


Matt: Other

Caitlin: Deep rich blue colors.


Matt: 404 error, grades not found.

Caitlin: Oh, I got a D in portraits in college, so...

36 HOURS / 

VM: Pier fishing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

AV: Berlin!


Matt: Morgan Lappin!

Caitlin: Foal Durkin's "Gilded Cloudscape" series. When I saw them at the opening I was enthralled by the uncanny sense of depth that the metallic was throwing in the background and couldn't stop looking at them!

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In December, we visited Matt and Caitlin at Guttenberg Arts for an afternoon tour and a conversation about printmaking, expanding the arts community, and the best young artists working in the New York area right now. Read on to check out a few photographs from our visit to Guttenberg. And if you're an artist, think about applying for their residency program


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    - You guys totally rkecod our world! Ryan and I cannot say enough good things about Sandbox Love we loved meeting you and working with you, we loved having you at our wedding, and we are so so thankful to have this amazing film to remember our wedding by, and as a way to share the day with the people who couldn’t be there. Every time I watch it, I get giddy!

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