Bushwick Open Studios Video:
Drones Over Brooklyn

We had a blast with so many Brooklyn art lovers during Bushwick Open Studios, and the crown jewel of the weekend was the rooftop party on Saturday afternoon. Rubin415's rooftop installation is an incredible new piece from the hardest working street artist in town, and seeing it from above only confirms its unique power and beauty. Additional rooftop pieces by London Kaye and Elle transformed our formerly gray Bushwick rooftop into an oasis on color and art. Check out the video and see for yourself!   


Credit to Nathan Lundie at Livestream Public for shooting and editing this amazing video, and to Noah Vasquez and Ian Buosi for taking the still images. The music is from "DDFH" by Run the Jewels. Thanks to everyone else involved, and hopefully we'll see you again at Sugarlift in the near future! 

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