Design Blogs: 5 Posts You Should Read

Here at Sugarlift, we love checking our favorite blogs for inspiration on art, design, and everything in between. So we've rounded up a list of five blog posts from a few of our favorite bloggers that we thought were especially helpful. We hope you enjoy them!


1. Style by Emily Henderson - "Best Online Art Resources"

Emily Henderson's list of where to buy art online is definitely worth a read. She really put in the time to find the highest quality work and gave a shout-out to some lesser-known sites we love. As always, Emily has included a little something for everyone. Her list is very nearly comprehensive, and a great place to start if you're looking for the perfect piece to complete a room.


2. Design Sponge - "Before and After"

The section of "Before and After" projects on Design Sponge is a treasure trove of inspiration for any room in the house! What we love most about the featured spaces is the emphasis on a unified vision for the room, and the seamless use of art to pull that vision together.


3. A Cup of Jo - "Our Brooklyn Apartment"

We love this "A Cup of Jo" post on Joanna Goddard's apartment in Brooklyn. This photo tour is a master class in how to use art effectively in design, whether a large statement photo, an excellently juxtaposed gallery wall, or a small-scale series arranged in a grid. (The header image for this post is also from "Our Brooklyn Apartment"). 


4. Little Green Notebook - "Sprucing Up with Newly Framed Art"

We totally agree with "Little Green Notebook" blogger Jenny Komenda that newly framed artwork can be just the thing to spruce up a room that's gotten a bit stale. Artwork has the ability to transform a space, and changing out artwork regularly can help to keep a room fresh. 


5. Cupcakes & Cashmere - "My Dream Gallery Walls"

Starting a gallery wall from scratch can be daunting. So we love the "Cupcakes and Cashmere" approach to selecting a unifying theme to tie the wall together. 


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