5 Abstracts to Match Your Decor

So you say you like abstract? Abstract art can be a tough cookie to understand sometimes and for good reasonthere are so many different kinds! You've got Rothko's bold color fields and on the next wall some Pollock splatter paint galore. Abstract is a pretty wide umbrella basically encompassing art that's not an true depiction of visual reality. And maybe that's why we like it so muchgiving us some magical realism and dream within a dream business. 

Matching art with decor can sometimes be a tricky and daunting endeavor, so we're here to help. Here are five decor styles paired with different types of famous abstract art. We threw some Frank Stella and other heroes up on those walls because, well, a girl can dream

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1. Traditional Decor  Action Painting

Action painting, formally known as gestural abstraction, holds a more informal place in our hearts as splatter painting. These are the ones that look immensely fun to create, like when we were in Kindergarten art class. We're going to hang some Jackson Pollock in this traditional room to add a fun twist and give the space movement, while pulling it all together. 

Match art with decor
Courtesy of Shabby and Charme. A Painting Per Day. Jackson Pollock, Number 8. 


2. Contemporary Decor  Minimalism

The refined quality of contemporary decor, easily recognized by the clean lines and uncluttered style, needs some minimalist abstract art to keep the room crisp. The stunning simplicity of the interior design is complemented by the refined coloring of minimalism, as seen below in Frank Stella's lithograph from his Black Series II

modern decor with art

Courtesy of Clean Maid Services; The Tate. Frank Stella, Black Series II.


3. Mid-Century Modern Decor  Geometric 

Mid-Century Modern interior design echoes an earlier time with more funk than the present, allowing functional comfort to take the reins of the room. Geometric abstraction lets the shapes of the furniture play off those on the walls, building a more cohesive and dynamic space. 

Mid-century modern look
Courtesy of Dot & Bo; The Metropolitan Museum. Josef Albers, Homage to the Square: With Rays.

Check out the mid-century modern look in collage artist Lizzie Gill's apartment!


4. Rustic Decor  Color Field

The neutral palette of rustic decor aims for a cozy cabin in the woods aesthetic, almost begging for deep colors to be hung on the walls. The relaxed textures of wood play nicely with color field abstract art, keeping the colors warm as you cozy up by the fire. And because we all wish we had a Rothko hanging above us while we slept.

Abstract art in home
Courtesy of Draw Home; Art History News. Mark Rothko, No. 36 (Black Stripe).


5. Eclectic Decor  Painterly

Creating a cabinet of curiosities with eclectic decor is typically for the more daring among us, solidifying our idiosyncratic ways in our home. Let's compliment this funky style with painterly abstract art, bringing bright eccentric pops of color to keep the room wholly playful. A touch of whimsy on the wall is never a bad idea. 

Match art with decor
Courtesy of Homedit; Morris Louis. Morris Louis, Point of Tranquility.


If you're an overachiever and want to educate yourself more about the intricacies of abstract art, head over to the Tate's wonderfully detailed analysis, here. These are just a few ideas to inspire the interior designer within you, but we fully support you adding your own person flair and stepping out of the box. After all, isn't that what abstract art is all about?

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