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Apartment Tour: Mid-Century Modern in Brooklyn Heights

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Lizzie Gill, collage artist and cofounder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective, gave us the architectural digest on her Brooklyn apartment and studio hybrid. She and her husband Tom have been shaping up the space to suit their vintage-like aesthetic, transplanting a combo of time periods together through their furniture and Lizzie's work on the walls. Let's take a tour of the space!

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art

Want Lizzie's Mid-Century Modern look? Click here to get started!

You and Tom recently moved into this apartment. How did you know this was your future home?

The apartment had so much light, it was a no brainer! It was also unfurnished when we viewed it, so we were able to envision how we would use the space, which is also the cause of constant daydreaming while I'm working. Brooklyn Heights is also a gem, dubbed "the first suburb of Manhattan" and historically zoned, it's like taking a step back in time. All the municipal buildings are a stone’s throw from us in downtown Brooklyn, so the city built about eight different subway lines to allow Manhattan access. It really opens up the city for us, in a way I've never experienced before.

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art

I'm feeling a very strong mid-century modern vibe...

Yes, between my love for mid-century publications and clothing, furniture can also be added to the list. Between the teak and floating shelves, I do try to incorporate modern pieces by modern makers, as to avoid feeling like you've stepped onto the set of mad men. The space is constantly changing, as we incorporate more objects, the biggest challenge has been finding artwork to suit the space.

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art

What are some of your favorite finds and how did you come across them?

One of my most prized finds is a mid-century, glass top, surfboard coffee table. I scoured craigslist for months to find the right coffee table. Some people read before bed, I treasure hunt on craigslist. The table came from a home in Pauling, NY--the best things I find are upstate. That particular journey also led us to an antique stand which sold us our Danish, teak leaflet dining table. I've never had a dining table in an apartment before, so for me, besides marriage, this was adulthood! If you were wondering, we were able to walk away with both pieces, for the cost of three Beyonce tickets.

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art

How do you think about incorporating your artwork along with interior design?

I find that my mid-century art aesthetic translates well to my mid-century modern interior design aesthetic. When working on this new series, I considered what type of artwork I would want to fill the prominent spaces on my wall and how they would resonate with and elevate the interior design. Compositionally, I wanted the feeling of lightness and space, with a neutral color palette that would compliment the room. I love work that blends with a room, but also makes a statement. 

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art

What were the most difficult spaces to solve?

Above the couch and above the bed! It's impossible to find artwork that fills the space correctly and be within your budget. *In an effort to solve this dilemma* I collaborated with Sugarlift to produce this amazing large-format piece that is part of a new series called, “Paper Moon”.

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art

Your home art studio has both scissors and screen?

Yes! I have a digital and an analogue station in my studio. When I've had enough of one medium, I'll roll in my chair (like doctor evil) to the other station and get to work on some cut and paste. It's great to have a balance between the two, each one informs the other.

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art

Now that you've settled in Brooklyn Heights, what are some of your favorite spots?

I love Floyd's on Atlantic--it's such a great bar, they always have old hollywood films playing and a parlor setting that you can always fit your group into. Not to mention the bocce ball court. I also love the Long Island Bar, from the outside it looks like a retro diner with neon signs, but inside you're transported to the epitome of Art Deco design. The people watching is also great. Most clientele are either on their third successful book or just got off a fashionable fishing boat. Also, there's a small shop called "Two For the Pot," which sells imported spices and coffee. With glass jars to the ceiling filled with spices and coffee from around the world, it's a chef/coffee addict's dream. Just don't forget to bring cash!

mid century modern apartment brooklyn art



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  • Raul

    I was Lizzies equestrian master since she was about 10. She’s fearless and is always looking for the next challenge. Lizzie is a forward thinker and an enemy of mediocrity, so don’t expect her art to stay put, or stagnant. I’m also a San Alejandro trained painter.

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