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What Art To Hang Above My Sofa

Posted by Sigrid Dilley /

Is it looking naked above your couch? The barren wall above a sofa is begging to be filled to help ground the couch in the room. The statement piece above the sofa is a well established art form and done well it can transform a room.

Let’s cover the basics of the statement piece. For some sage hanging advice, make sure your piece is 5 to 8 inches above someone’s head when sitting. You'll want artwork that is large enough to establish a focal wall, but certainly not too big that it takes over the entire room. The work should typically be centered above the couch to help anchor the couch, and playing around with complementary colors is always encouraged—just make sure to avoid channelling your inner Stepford wife and the inclination to make everything matchy-matchy.

Want some help visualizing art on your wall? Snap a picture of your lonely  walls and we'd be happy to help!


The statement piece has the power to change the feel of a room, so let the art do the talking. We test drove some different styles for above the couch so that you can see which one strikes your fancy. 


what art to put above my couch
Courtesy of Shannon Stroubakis.

This piece above the sofa with vibrant colors adds some drama to a more subdued room, making it a bit more whimsical. Brighten up your living space with this digital abstract by collage artist Lizzie Gill, here.


what art to put above my couch
Courtesy of Corps Decor.

The colors in this statement piece create a cohesive visual story with the decor of the room, allowing the different hues of blues and pinks to swim nicely together. To put this etherial wave by our favorite surfer-photographer Matt Clark on your wall, head here.


art above sofa
Courtesy of Minted.

Hang a square piece of art above the couch to make the room feel a bit bigger, giving the illusion of higher ceilings. And as an added bonus, the square shape keeps things symmetrical for the hidden OCD inside all of us. If you're feeling inspired to add this collage print by Lizzie Gill to your space, head here.


diptych above couch
Courtesy of Decor Pad.

Trying out a diptych above the sofa is always an elegant choice. The two pieces help keep the sofa company in an ever dynamic and interesting way. Hang these two ghostly tress by Steve Irby by clicking here


statement piece above sofa
Courtesy of Draven Made.

An oversized vertical piece works stunningly well as a statement, especially if it's bookended by other incidental wall accessories, as seen above. If you're looking to add this stunning dame by Lizzie Gill to your lonely wall, click here!


gallery wall above couch
Courtesy of Draven Made.

Galleries walls can seem daunting, but they are a perfect way to solidify a sofa's position in the room in a more playful way. Try hanging the wall in a grid for a cleaner look. Get these exquisite little tree drawings by Dina Brodsky to have and to hold, here!


If you're ever feeling like you're having some commitment issues with a piece and want help visualizing it above your couch, we can help with that! Just send us a picture of your space, hereand we can superimpose whatever you'd like on your wall. Technology these days.  


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