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36 results
Rohini Sen
'Oh hi little buddy'
7" x 5"
Michael J Austin
The Rooster
30" x 26"
21" x 21"
Ken Goshen
4" x 6"
Jennifer Gennari
Siberian Tigers
42" x 21"
Dina Brodsky
2 Horses
7" x 9"
Lauren Matsumoto
The Rise and Fall No. 33
18" x 14"
jessica pisano
"Suspended In Time"
20" x 20"
6" x 12"
34" x 42"
36" x 24"
Dina Brodsky
Union Square dog study #1
7" x 5.5"
5" x 7"
On Hold
40" x 40"
12" x 12"
Ken Goshen
Freddie in Profile
9" x 8"
Kathryn Engberg
The Coyote
20" x 12"
Brad Woodfin
9" x 7"
5" x 14"
Dina Brodsky
Union Square dog #2
6" x 5"
Milixa Moron
The wishing well
20" x 24"
4" x 12"
20" x 16"
31" x 27"
miles yoshida
The Original King of Blin...
18" x 24"
Simona Ruscheva
There are some wires
39" x 31"
31" x 39"
16" x 17"
9" x 6"
Jacob Brooks
Soft Teeth
36" x 36"
Simona Ruscheva
A circle has no end
23" x 23"
Simona Ruscheva
Tonka and the beast
23" x 31"
miles yoshida
Oni Helmet
18" x 24"
Guido Mauas
Incomplete Figure II
12" x 8"
Simona Ruscheva
Spirited Away
39" x 29"
8" x 10"
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About Animal paintings

Styles in Animal Paintings Paintings of animals have varied widely in style throughout history. Contemporary animal paintings may have subjects ranging from the household to the exotic or fantastical. Animal paintings are popular in fine art as well as pop art, and modern abstract animal paintings present minimal ideas of nature and animals. Animals have appeared in paintings since the Classical era, and Renaissance animal paintings often featured trophies of hunts, animals in nature or family pets in unique singular or family portraits. Subjects in Animal Paintings Animal paintings may be set in nature, such as wild horses on open plains. Wild animals and sea animals may be captured in their natural habitat or proudly posed across neutral backgrounds to highlight their majestic forms. Animal paintings as portraits of pets or beloved farm animals are close to many collector’s and private owner’s hearts. Many artists create custom pet portraits of their own animals or for other people’s cats or dogs. Particularly throughout history, dog portraits may feature specific breeds to commemorate the family pet. Baby animal paintings can adorn a nursery or add whimsy to any collection. Materials Used in Animal Paintings The materials used in animal paintings depend on the style of the painting. Watercolor may beautifully render animals in the wild, with realistic movement and motion achieved through watercolor washes and layers. Acrylic animal paintings can be vibrantly colorful and whimsical. Animal oil paintings might lean more realistic, creating realistic scenes featuring pets or posed animals in a natural habitat. Famous Artists of Animal Paintings Famous animal paintings hang on museum walls and in collector’s homes from every era throughout history. Baroque and Dutch Golden Age painters added animals to paintings to create pastoral, idyllic scenes. Renaissance painters like Albrecht Durer created studies of animals from the exotic to the commonplace. Romantic painters were inspired by majestic, active creatures. For example, George Stubbs created elegant paintings of hounds on the hunt. Modern artists have used animals to explore and comment on the nature of humanity. Georgia O’Keeffe’s animal paintings often feature skulls and stark deserts, while Henri Rousseau employed primitivism and magical realism to show real animals in a natural habitat, as well as imagined, mythical animals. Walton Ford’s paintings in the style of naturalistic illustrations highlight extinct, even fantastical creatures.