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5 results
Matthew Rucker
24" x 30"
Guido Mauas
White Morning
16" x 12"
24" x 18"
Ken Goshen
This is Not a Drill
18" x 24"
Ken Goshen
Gravitational Noncomplian...
18" x 24"
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About Beach paintings

Styles of Beach Paintings Beaches, beach scenes, and bathers on the beach are favorite genres for artists because of their expressive nature. Skilled painters are able to capture the tranquility and energy of the beach through art, creating atmospheric paintings that reflect a beach’s environs, whether light and sunny or dark and stormy. Abstract beach paintings grasp the essence of the beach, while leaving the viewer to interpret the intricacies of the actions or the subjects for themselves. Abstraction provides a modern take on the classic beach painting. The result is a poignant scene for beach lovers and romantics alike. Subjects in Beach Paintings Beach sunset paintings can be romantic, while beach scenes might be comical or nostalgic. Beach landscapes with crashing waves, the calm ocean or lighthouses in the distance create a sense of calm and connection to nature. Subjects like beach umbrellas, chairs and bathers can evoke nostalgia or tranquility, especially if the pieces are inspired by the painter’s own experiences and emotions. Materials Used in Beach Paintings Romantic watercolors are perfect for creating movement in waves and soft, natural lines of sand and water. Beach paintings in acrylic or oil layer vibrant swatches of color or blend subtle changes in tone and colors of the beach. Beach canvas paintings can be done en plein air—outdoors—to capture the natural contours of islands or coastlines. Famous Artists of Beach Paintings Many famous artists have created beach paintings to capture the nostalgia, humanity and natural beauty of a day at the beach. Monet’s famous beach paintings are a study in color and contour, and they inspire painters and beachgoers alike to this day. Romantic and nautical enthusiast J.M.W. Turner painted dramatic, movement-filled beach paintings. Neoclassical painter and influential American Realist Edward Hopper’s beach paintings are idyllic pieces of Americana. Famous beach paintings inspire the artists and collectors at Sugarlift, with nostalgic and tranquil scenes evocative of seashores near and far.