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10 results






10 results
Daniela Astone
SUNRISE: October
6" x 8"
Tiffany Blaise
Eternal Glow
36" x 30"
Susan Outlaw
Dusk​,​ Singer Island
12" x 12"
36" x 36"
Tiffany Blaise
Expanse of Calm
30" x 40"
24" x 24"
Tiffany Blaise
Lavender Light
16" x 12"
Jason Polins
Clouds Above
20" x 14"
Julia Jensen
When Last I Was There
On Hold
40" x 40"
Eileen Murphy
The River of Oaths
12" x 12"
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About Cloud paintings

Styles of Cloud Paintings Cloud paintings are inspiring in their transient nature—clouds in any configuration will appear completely different at any moment. Abstract cloud paintings capture the essence of clouds and allow the viewer to interpret the shapes within their ephemeral nature. Cloud paintings are just as inspiring in realist or photorealist styles, where representation is clearer, and balance in nature becomes all the more important. Subjects in Cloud Paintings Cloud paintings capture the endless variations of the sky—balancing light, shape and form. Sunset paintings feature stunning clouds in colorful iterations of purple, pink and orange. Cloud paintings at dusk and storm cloud paintings create effortlessly moody pieces, while still maintaining balance. Shades of purple and pink give way into night, where light from the moon creates shadows in the dark clouds. Materials Used in Cloud Paintings Cloud paintings can be beautifully rendered in every classic paint media. Acrylic cloud paintings sometimes feature sculptural elements of clumped or layered paint to create texture in a natural landscape. Oil paintings of clouds can be realistic or abstract, with masterful blending creating highlights and shadows in an ethereal, ever-changing sky. Famous Artists of Cloud Paintings Dutch masters like Jacob van Ruisdael instilled a moody effect into realist landscapes with shadowy clouds. Romantics J.M.W. Turner and John Constable were famous for dreamy landscapes with voluminous clouds. As painters turned away from realism in the late 19th to 20th centuries, they started creating paintings of just clouds or skylines with geometric patterns. Georgia O’Keeffe’s geometric series on clouds is a seminal work of abstract art. René Magritte’s Surrealist clouds work with whimsy and color to create profound meaning. Modern and contemporary painters’ skyscapes are as varied as their cloud subjects.