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Styles of Fine Art Paintings The legacy of art history’s most famous painters lies in fine art paintings. Fine art is a distinction used to designate museum-quality paintings that could be as easily featured in a gallery or in a private home. Modern fine art paintings elevate cultural ideas to poignant, conceptual and nuanced pieces. Sugarlift artists create contemporary fine art in diverse and engaging paintings, from minimalist to abstract and more. Subjects in Fine Art Paintings Fine art paintings take inspiration from nature, culture, color, abstract concepts and everyday life to create unique pieces of art. Throughout history, subjects of fine art paintings have varied as widely as artistic styles. Fine art nudes, landscapes and portraits are found in museums as well as private collections. Animals and the natural world have influenced art in their own ways. Powerful and meaningful paintings of horses, still lifes, flowers, birds and beaches are popular forms of fine art. Materials Used in Fine Art Paintings Traditional fine art includes paintings in oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, and watercolor. Painters working on studies or collections may master sketches first, creating stunning fine art drawings that may start and end as works on paper or later be incorporated into larger paintings. Fine art paintings are most often created on canvas, with special attention to presentation and durability. Famous Artists of Fine Art Paintings Famous fine art paintings are the inspiration for our artists at Sugarlift. Throughout history, innovation and expression have created the most significant artistic movements and pieces. Fine artists like Claude Monet, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miró and Marc Chagall were all innovators during their time. Our curated collection features contemporary innovators in fine art.