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11 results
Dina Brodsky
A roadside flower
8" x 5"
Grace DeVito
Dancing In The Dark
16" x 20"
Emilie Lee
Matilija Poppies #10
10" x 10"
Andrii Kateryniuk
Red geraniums
12" x 18"
22" x 20"
Gelena Pavlenko
The Outskirts of Old Kiev
16" x 12"
20" x 16"
Yangyang Pan
Fresh Air #2
30" x 24"
Yangyang Pan
Burst of Joy
60" x 60"
Yangyang Pan
Rainy Day After
20" x 20"
20" x 16"
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About Flower paintings

Styles of Flower Paintings Flower paintings are some of the most popular paintings throughout art history. As varied in hue as they are in shape and setting, flowers offer diverse subject matter for painters, past and present. Still life flower paintings are a classic style where a painter might study and capture a bouquet, a table set with flowers or even a single stem. Dutch Golden Age painters created realistic flower paintings, while Impressionist artists moved away from representation into expression. Modern flower paintings capture nature’s beauty, offering sweet moments of aesthetic pleasure in our increasingly busy and urban lives. Bold colors and shapes in modern renderings give way to elegant details in minimalist flower paintings, highlighting the flowers’ fragility and fleeting beauty. Abstract flower paintings may be more gestural, intellectualizing this popular subject. Subjects in Flower Paintings Flowers are versatile subjects for paintings. They can represent abundance, as in a painting of an expansive wildflower field, or they can create a sense of stillness. Flower bouquet paintings may feature combinations of roses and peonies in beautiful arrangements. Still lifes feature flower vases in colorful or black and white paintings. Delicate flowers and elegant blooms come in a multitude of colors and types. Yellow daisy flower paintings are vibrant pops of color, while blue and white flower paintings can blend and create impressions of floral scenes. Paintings with fields of red poppies or soothing lavender flowers evoke smells as well as sights to summon memories of carefree summer days. Materials Used in Flower Paintings Color is vital to flower paintings, and vibrant acrylic flower paintings are popular for their layered, many-hued nature. Flower paintings on canvas might be life-sized or bloom larger on oversized canvases. Flower oil paintings can create a traditional look, with perfectly blended composition and delicate floral details. Famous Artists of Flower Paintings Flower paintings in landscape and still life styles have been popular throughout all eras of art history. The most famous flower paintings are from Impressionist icons like Claude Monet and Édouard Manet. Expressionist masters like Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse utilized vibrant, almost wild color palettes to perfectly capture flowers’ prismatic vibrance. Pablo Picasso’s flower paintings paved the way for modern painters to experiment with color, shape and abstraction. In Contemporary art, Georgia O’Keeffe created abstract flower paintings of many styles, and pop artists like Takashi Murakami have experimented with minimalist, colorful and geometric flower paintings.