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About Mountain paintings

Styles of Mountain Paintings Mountain ranges’ natural variation throughout the world has served as inspiration for many stunning artworks. Mountains have distinct forms and shapes that lend themselves to geometric paintings and minimalist scenes. Large mountain paintings can cover entire walls in murals or multi-canvas collections. Abstract mountain paintings capture the essence of a mountain—the sublime “top of the world” feeling or the isolation of standing removed from those in the valley below. Subjects in Mountain Paintings Mountain landscape painters incorporate light in unexpected ways, such as depicting the mountain at dusk or at night. Seasons and weather can completely change the emotional quality of a mountain. A painting of a snowy mountain might feel stark or minimal, while a mountain range painting capturing spring or fall might feel cozy or uplifting. Mountain scenes vary in topography and play host to a myriad of surrounding flora and fauna. Blue Ridge Mountain paintings feature soft, rolling peaks and layers of background mountains stretching for miles, while paintings of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado contrast towering summits with surrounding flat plains. Materials Used in Mountain Paintings Due to the particular attention paid to the lighting in mountain paintings, many painters turn to versatile paints such as acrylic or oil in order to create both the broad, sweeping strokes and fine detailed work which come together to create a spectacular mountain landscape. Watercolor mountain paintings can create a perfect diffuse wash of distant mountain ranges, while still keeping the foreground details fresh and vibrant. Mountains can be beautifully rendered in black and white paintings, in acrylic or oil on canvas. Vibrant hues or spring or fall create stunning colorful mountain paintings, often in bright blue and greens. Famous Artists of Mountain Paintings Mountain paintings were a favorite of 19th century Romantic painters, and remain popular for modern, minimalist and contemporary painters today. Romantics like John Constable brought dramatic majesty to their mountain paintings—with sweeping vistas and detailed skyscapes. The Hudson River School, made up of the likes of Albert Bierstadt, Frederic Edwin Church and Thomas Cole,especially loved painting the American mountain ranges of the Catskills, Adirondacks and White Mountains, and their paintings have become iconic renderings of the hopefulness and power harnessed within nature.