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3 results
Eileen Murphy
Study After Corot
8" x 6"
Luis Colan
In the Woods of Olivebrid...
11" x 9"
Luis Colan
Northwoods Waterfall​,​ Spr...
12" x 9"
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About Nature paintings

Styles of Nature Paintings Nature paintings, often of landscapes or animals, bring artists and viewers in touch with humanity as part of a larger ecosystem. Nature paintings can be meaningful reflections of our own existence, as seen in a landscape, a herd of wild horses, a tiny insect balanced on a leaf--subject matter as wide ranging as our natural world is diverse. Abstract nature paintings can evoke the same reflection while calling forth more conceptual ideas of nature. Subjects in Nature Paintings Landscape nature paintings highlight the natural world in everything from expansive scenery to a small cross section of the environment. Paintings may feature forests, mountains or fields of wildflowers. Nature paintings are a versatile genre; ranging from photorealist paintings of majestic predators to ethereal, Impressionism-inspired works capturing the wave of a bamboo grove in the wind or the trickle of a stream through a forest. Materials Used in Nature Paintings Nature paintings require blending, layering and high color and contrast control to capture the natural beauty of a landscape or living being. Nature acrylic paintings may utilize sculptural or topographical elements as layers of paint build upon each other. Nature paintings can fill large canvases in oils, oil pastels, or acrylics, juxtaposing large brushstrokes with precise details. Nature watercolors blend effortlessly, showing the interconnectedness of the natural world. Famous Artists of Nature Paintings Famous nature paintings from history are awe-inspiring in their detail and scope. French painters’ legacy of nature paintings dates back to the pre-Impressionism of Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Impressionists and Romantics like Alfred Sisley and Gustave Courbet soon followed in Corot’s footsteps. American Romantic painters like John Constable, Thomas Cole, and Albert Bierstadt became known for sweeping landscapes of pristine wilderness in the United States, specifically as part of the Hudson River School movement. Contemporary painters, such as Yayoi Kusama, combine abstraction and representation to render colorful, expressionist paintings of our natural world.