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8 results
Bryan Mark Taylor
Smiling Skull #2
12" x 12"
Bradley Theodore
Skull Brother II
12" x 12"
Jason Polins
The Blind King
14" x 11"
9" x 9"
Kieran Ingram
Study in Gold
7" x 5"
Kieran Ingram
Study in Blue
7" x 5"
miles yoshida
Liberace's Skull
18" x 24"
Jamie Lindholm
The Interconnectedness of...
8" x 8"
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About Skull paintings

Styles of Skull Paintings Skull paintings are popular in many styles, from the macabre to cartoon and everything in between. Powerful symbols of life, death and humanity, skulls are compelling subjects for realist and abstract artists alike. Abstract skull paintings take the concept of humanity and allow room for viewer interpretation. Skull paintings are often black and white, but they can be especially powerful in colorful interpretations as well. Subjects in Skull Paintings Because of the strong representational ties of skull paintings, there are common themes that painters can work with to subvert and direct the viewer. Vanitas skull paintings are highly symbolic works that comment on the fleeting nature of life and the certainty of death. Other symbolic paintings of skulls reflect the concept of ‘Memento mori’ or ‘remember that you will die.’ More lighthearted paintings of skulls can include colorful representations or skulls and roses, representing the idea of love balancing death. Materials Used in Skull Paintings Artists can use many different media to create skull paintings, but most commonly they are in oil or acrylic on canvas. Acrylic skull paintings can be stunning in black and white or in color. Watercolor and oil paintings offer beautifully blended artwork and versatility from a classic still life to a modern or abstract piece. Famous Artists of Skull Paintings Skull paintings have been popular among famous painters throughout history. The medieval Vanitas style was expressed in stark detail by Baroque painters, with Dutch master Pieter Claesz becoming well known for his skull paintings. In the Renaissance era, the artist El Greco created his iconic skull paintings in the current realist style. More modern painters have been intrigued by the symbolism of skulls and have incorporated animal and human skulls into Expressionist, Modern and Abstract art. Post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh’s famous “Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette” resides at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Pablo Picasso created Cubist pieces featuring exaggerated skull art and unusual scene choice. Georgia O’Keeffe is well known for her animal skull paintings featuring vibrant backdrops, and fellow Contemporary painter Jean-Michel Basquiat used his vibrant colors to deconstruct the skull form in his paintings.