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Benjamin Guffee
Churning 08
44" x 20"
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About Water paintings

Styles of Water Paintings Paintings of water are universal in their ability to evoke emotion through memory and sensory association. Representational and realist paintings of water tend to be highly detailed and focus on rendering the subject as it is in nature. Impressionism delicately or boldly captures water’s light and refraction, giving form to fleeting moments of salt spray or glinting sunlight off a lake surface. Abstract water paintings capture a memory or a feeling associated with being by the water. Subjects in Water Paintings Water is an alluring subject for painters and collectors alike. Art lovers may admire an artist’s technical ability to express the shape of water, and they find inspiration in its malleable yet constant nature. Water scenes may be quite tranquil, depicting calming ripples or sublime sunsets over water and an endless horizon. Ocean paintings may depict a fun, lighthearted beach scene, or they may challenge the viewer with impossibly vast open oceans or even stormy seas. Materials Used in Water Paintings Details like glistening drops, sea foam or light reflections off of waves or calm bodies of water may be beautifully expressed by artists in oil or acrylic. Watercolor--no surprise--washes across a page in a water painting to capture the subject’s very essence. Oil pastel or gouache can also exquisitely highlight and express the water’s ever-changing nature. Famous Artists of Water Paintings Water paintings are a favorite subject in representational art as well as in abstract art. While modern painters like David Hockney take an experimental approach to water, emphasizing form and color, water paintings have generally inspired realist painters throughout the ages. Dutch master Willem Van de Velde specialized in realist paintings of ships, which inspired later generations of artists like J.M.W. Turner to create Romantic representations of water scenes. Later realists in contemporary art, such as photorealist painter Vija Celmins, took a minimal approach to water paintings. Monet’s Water Lilies is perhaps the most famous series of water paintings, consisting of over 250 oil paintings that are now found in museums all over the world.