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Justin Krasuckas
Swamp in Winter
12" x 20"
4.5" x 5.5"
3.5" x 5.5"
31" x 20"
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About Winter paintings

Styles of Winter Landscape Paintings Idyllic, peaceful and charming, winter landscape paintings can be some of the most beautiful works of art. The genre can also be challenging for the artist, to capture the reflection of light off of snow and the subtle magic a viewer feels upon seeing a landscape freshly blanketed in snow. Abstract winter landscapes evoke the enchanting hush of winter with a few brushstrokes and can capture the anticipation of awaiting spring or the peaceful slumber of embracing the season. Painters in the Dutch golden age created winter landscapes that were full of life and activity, an elegant juxtaposition to the sleepy snowy backdrop. Subjects in Winter Landscape Paintings Winter landscape paintings are pristine examples of form and balance in nature. Winter tree landscapes without leaves or flowers strip the volume out of forests and bring the eye to the details of composition and design in the winter forest. Snowy mountains or gentle rolling hills covered in snow are a favorite subject for painters of winter landscapes, and a favorite of collectors as well. Materials Used in Winter Landscape Paintings Material choice in winter landscapes is especially important because of the large amounts of white and the fine detail prevalent in snowscapes. Winter landscapes in oils bring out the glistening details of snow on branches or vintage-inspired scenes of red barns in the snow. Winter landscapes are also stunning in watercolors, blending soft winter skies seamlessly and adding stark details. Gouache is often used as a white highlight, and watercolor snowdrifts can be beautifully tinged by subtle blue. Famous Artists of Winter Landscape Paintings Winter landscape paintings by famous artists range from Renaissance to Contemporary periods. Pieter Bruegel painted winter landscapes of ice skaters, birds and snow-covered houses in the 16th century. Dutch painters such as Aert van der Neer followed in his footsteps, including bustling villages in their snowy scenes. Perhaps one of the most well-known landscape painters, Claude Monet, created his famous winter landscape paintings ‘en plein air’ or outdoors, braving the cold and wind in northern France to paint Impressionist pieces on snow-covered fields. Vincent van Gogh also painted winter landscapes, in his signature Expressionist style.