Danica Lundy – Sugarlift

NAME / Danica Lundy

BORN / 1991


ABOUT / Danica grew up knowing the seasons by the small animals that made their way into the house through the cracks in the walls; it was spring when the little ants paraded in, followed by the big ones, then those that could fly. She was born two days after the equinox on a small island in the Pacific North West, and named after a large green sign for a nursery on the side of the highway. She drew her way through most things and landed at university on the other side of Canada. Now she's taking on TriBeCa, pursuing her MFA amid artistic giants at the New York Academy of Art.

Carmel by Danica Lundy
Prom Night in Flat Land by Danica Lundy / $4,500
Recently by Danica Lundy / $750
Stay Warm and Look Cute by Danica Lundy
We've All Come to Look for America by Danica Lundy
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