Heather Amistad


Initially, I got into photography when I was much younger playing around with film cameras. I grew up in Hawaii (Oahu), so a lot of it were snapshots of the ocean or trekking through the tropical forests to a waterfall with friends. In college, I used photography to document my architectural drawings and models - also visiting places like art museums, cathedrals, and contemporary buildings. Now more recently I've been documenting my explorations through the Pacific Northwest - fog, forests, waterfalls, and snowy terrains. In addition, curating with local pacific northwest creatives such as fashion editorials and album art.

Working with natural light is my euphoria, so either on a day that is overcast or sunny. I love playing with harsh light and shadows. However, If I'm out shooting nature landscapes - fog is ideal! My favorite subject would be a tie between architecture and nature.


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