Kemi Mai – Sugarlift

NAME / Kemi Mai

BORN / 1996

LIVES AND WORKS IN / Manchester, United Kingdom

ABOUT / I started painting around 2 and a half years ago. Previously, even as a child, I'd held very little interest in painting and drawing. I admired an artist's skill with the sort of mysticism that comes from the myth that art related talents are ones that you are born with. I started painting by chance and quickly learned that it was a skill that could be acquired like any other. I have been painting every day since. My work begins with ideas. When working with clients, I form ideas around detailed research and consultation, making concept sketches that offer a vision of what the final result will be. Once painting begins, I outline in white or blue and design lighting through shadow guides, then I paint corner to corner in complete detail as apposed to in layers.

Wild by Kemi Mai / $750
Grow by Kemi Mai / $750
Staying Power by Kemi Mai / $750
You First by Kemi Mai / $750
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