Nicolas Holiber

I’m a maker of objects and things. Paintings and sculptures; tactile artworks that have been formed with my hands and other tools. I use materials like reclaimed wood, plaster, oil paint, acrylic medium, etc. because I enjoy the challenge of making all these different things form a cohesive whole. It’s like a giant puzzle of colors, textures, and shapes that I get to put together.

I use emotion to connect with my audience and my work can span the entire spectrum of mental states. I want the viewer’s response to be a feeling or understanding, even if it’s one that is not easily put into words. I’ve always relied on this gut feeling to tell me what artworks I indentify with, what’s important to me, and what I think is significant. I can feel it when I’m looking at an Ancient Greek sculpture or a modern painting. To me, this is the most beautiful aspect of art. That it is a universal language spanning our entire existence. I make art to contribute to and be part of that heritage.

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