Rubin415 – Sugarlift

NAME / Rubin415

BORN / 1975


ABOUT / Brooklyn-based graffiti artist Rubin has painted all over the world and his work has been shown in several galleries throughout the US and Europe. Rubin has been featured in Vice Magazine, ArtSlant, Juxtapoz and Graffuturism to name a few, and he has participated in several prestigious street art projects, such as the Brooklyn Street Art curated "Domino Sugar Walls". Rubin has Scandinavian roots and is known for his complex abstract geometrical style -- rooted in traditional wild style but with muted color palettes and Scandinavianly clean lines. His studio work is based on canvases, prints and installations, such as the six-paneled, three-dimensional 8 x 8 foot cube titled "Rubin's cube" that was featured in Juxtapoz magazine, among other publications. To read an interview with Rubin on the Sugarlift blog, click here.

Asfalt II by Rubin415 / $2,000
Asfalt (Blue) by Rubin415 / $500
Asfalt (Red) by Rubin415 / $500
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