Asfalt is a new rooftop installation and a digital collage from Brooklyn-based artist Rubin. The artist fetched inspiration to Asfalt from the wilderness of Finnish Lapland, where he spent his childhood summers.

For the digital collage, the artist took a set of black and white photographs of the dark and snowy woods surrounding the Arctic Circle. These woods used to host shamanic rituals to the beat of witch drums and in Rubin's collage Laplandish mythology and folklore mixes with the artists signature geometric shapes that are reminiscent of the New York cityscape.

The rooftop installation - a ceremonial circle - signifies the contrast between a crowded metropolis and the serenity of the Scandinavian wilderness. Look close, and you might see ancient symbols for reindeer, bear’s lairs and Leibolmai -- the God of all wild animals -- as they were portrayed on shaman witch drums. 

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