An Interview with the Artist /

Sugarlift: Where are you from, how did you get into art?

Sonni: I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to New York four years ago, but before that I went to a school of economics. I was very, very stressed and was not finding happiness, so I decided that was not what I wanted. At the same time I was playing bass in a band, and we needed posters and flyers. I wanted to start doing that professionally, so I went to school for graphic design. I then became a director of animation, but that started to feel like work again. That’s when I decided to paint murals on the street, make stickers, do web based things.

Sugarlift: Have you always been using the same characters and primary colors in your work?

Sonni: No. The characters are the same you can say, but over the years they’ve changed a lot. As for all the colors, I used solid colors when I started. I felt that what I was saying had a kind of nostalgic message. I really like those kind of objects from my childhood, like old computers, old games. When I thought about the nostalgia and simplicity, I thought it best to use only primary colors, because when you are a kid that’s what you have, you know?

Sugarlift: Where are your favorite places you’ve painted outside?

Sonni: Well, in Bushwick, of course. Here, I paint a lot. It’s my neighborhood. But also in Miami, Wynwood, of course parts of Buenos Aires. I’ve lived here for four years now, but the one thing that’s very good in Buenos Aires is that you won’t get arrested for putting a sticker on a wall. But you can paint there, and you can paint here, too. People are very receptive of you on the street.

Sugarlift: What inspires your work?

Sonni: Well, I’m not really inspired by street art only. It’s more like the art community, and also movies. I take my inspiration from all over.

Sugarlift: Tell us about the mural you painted at Sugarlift during Bushwick Open Studios.

Sonni: It was fantastic because there were a bunch of friends around, talking, having fun, eating food, painting. It was a very nice day for all of us. I wanted the print and the mural to be connected in some way. They’re actually the same artwork, but in different places. It’s about the special friends you have in your life, and how you’re all connected.

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