Sketchbook Vol. I

January 19 - February 16, 2019

Sugarlift presented the work of 14 talented sketchers and teamed up with Sotheby's Old Masters department to present a month full of talented drawings past and present.

Sketchbook by Guno Park

Quick scribbles become masterworks. Ideas inked in candid moments are seeds for future planting...or painting. Presented by Sugarlift and curator-in-residence Dina Brodsky, Sketchbook Vol. 1 was more than a show. It was a rare chance to flip through masters' sketchbooks alongside their finished pieces. Later in the month, Sketchbook artists Nicolas V. Sanchez, Dina Brodsky and Joshua Henderson led drawing groups in the Sotheby's galleries.

Pictured: painting by Marshall Jones

Guests flip through Dina Brodksy's sketchbooks with protective gloves

Artist Vi Luong

Artists Joshua Henderson (left) and Luis Colan (center)

Sketchbook Vol. I curator and artist Dina Brodksy

Guests unfold a sketchbook by Guno Park

Evan Kitson's sketchbook

Artist Joshua Henderson leading a class in the Sotheby's galleries.

Sketchbook Vol. I Sponsored by Moleskine.

Photos by Paul-Emile Cendron and Julian Cassady.