Sugarlift Presents at TED2019

April 15-19, 2019

Stop by Sugarlift's "1000 Paintings in Your Pocket" exhibit at the TED conference in Vancouver, BC to see paintings by emerging artists in augmented reality.

On April 15-19, 2019, Sugarlift will present its newly developed augmented reality app at TED2019’s Bigger Than Us conference in Vancouver, BC. Tech Playground is an exhibitor floor outside the mainstage that presents technological solutions for smarter homes. Through Sugarlift’s 1000 Paintings in Your Pocket exhibit, conference attendees will have the chance to see thousands of original paintings by emerging artists in the context of a living room space. The works will be placed on a wall to scale in real time, with Sugarlift’s gallery manager making recommendations utilizing pattern recognition technology.

Tickets and more info: TED2019: Bigger Than Us