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Sugarlift is the only platform dedicated to connecting artists directly with their collectors.


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Our story

Sugarlift was founded because of three maddening words:

"inquire for price."

These three words encapsulate everything that's wrong with the art world. Galleries use the phrase to keep pricing obscure and high. It turns would-be-art-collectors off from even starting a search. And it's the shadowy, exclusive model that prevents most artists from finding collectors for their work.

We say, no more.

Sugarlift has been helping people buy original artwork from emerging artists since founder Wright Harvey hung his first exhibition to be a fun, welcoming party instead of a sterile room. Since 2014, we've helped hundreds of new collectors discover and collect art when galleries failed to do so.

Now we're breaking the art world open, providing a platform for artists and collectors to connect directly and with confidence.

Meet the team

Wright Harvey


Hannah Foster

Head of Art Advisory

Dina Brodsky

Artist Community Manager

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