What is Sugarlift?

Sugarlift is an online art gallery and art consulting service designed to simplify the art buying process and to support emerging artists. We work with a network of certified art consultants to help find the perfect art for your style space and budget.

Where does the name come from?

The name Sugarlift comes from a traditional printmaking process. It is a technical form of aquatint etching through which an artist can make painterly strokes on a plate. But, we also think it embodies the feeling that you get when you see art that you love. Great art inspires, lifts your spirits, and can give you a sugar-high!

Are you a gallery?

Sugarlift is a new type of art gallery. Instead of having a physical space, we connect our collectors directly with artists and works from their studios. This format gives us access to a lot more options of art at much better values. Also, the artists we work with make more on each sale!

What is an art consultant?

Finding the right art can be difficult. The art market can be confusing and overwhelming. An art consultant is someone who can help you navigate this world and find the right options for you. Sugarlift art consultants are certified to bring you the best options at great prices and to make the process as simple and fun as possible!

How does the art consulting process work?

We think art consulting should be tailored to you, so art consulting looks a little different for everyone. Typically, when you sign up for art consulting, our art consultant will first connect with you via phone or email to discuss your space (what walls or spaces are you looking to fill with art), your style (what does the room look like and what type of art are you interested in - it's OK if you don't know!) and your budget. Based on this conversation, our art consultant will suggest artworks for you. We'll hear your feedback and make additional suggestions if need be. We can also create digital to-scale mockups of artworks in your space so you can see how a piece will look in your home or office before "trying it on at home" and before purchasing.

What does it cost to work with an art consultant?

Sugarlift art consultants are paid on a commission basis from the artist. Therefore, we are not compensated unless we find the right options for you.

If Sugarlift art consultants advise on artwork not represented by Sugarlift, we can arrange for an hourly fee or commission on the sale ahead of time.

Can I work with an art consultant if I’m not in NYC?

Yes, Sugarlift art consulting services are available across the US. We only offer home walk throughs and “try it on at home” services for NYC based clients. For non-NYC based clients, Sugarlift art consultants can work with you over email, phone and videoconference! If you have any questions about your specific location, please email hello@sugarlift.com.

How does the “try it on at home” service work?

Often it’s important to see art in person before making a decision. For NYC based clients, Sugarlift will bring the work to your space to see the art in person and to see how it will feel in the space. There is no fee and no obligation to purchase. If you do find the perfect piece, we’re happy to install it for you while we’re there!

What is your return policy?

Sugarlift guarantees you will love your art. If for any reason you don’t, simply contact us within 14 days of delivery and we would be glad to refund your purchase. Read more about our return policy here.