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Sugarlift is the only marketplace that encourages artists and buyers to connect directly and charges 0% commissions.


1. Sign up and create your profile
2. Upload your portfolio (see art guidelines here)
3. Share your portfolio

Collectors will reach out to you directly to inquire about art and make offers. Take payment, send your work and keep 100% of the sales price!

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1. Search art by style, size and price; save your favorites
2. Message with artists directly and make them an offer
3. Review your experience and stay in touch with the artists you collect

Sugarlift Marketplace is the perfect solution for collectors who want to connect directly with artists. If you're interested in a Sugarlift Art Advisor assisting you in your search, learn more about Full-Service Art Advisory here.

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Marketplace Rules

All participants in Sugarlift's Marketplace must abide by the golden rule -- treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself.

Anyone breaking that rule or the other rules spelled out below will be blocked from participating in our community.

Let's encourage each other to build a community of respect, integrity and trust.

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