Untitled (Wassaic Cement Series Grey) – Sugarlift

ARTIST / Caitlin Masley

TITLE / Untitled (Wassaic Cement Series Grey)

MEDIUM / Paper

SIZE (UNFRAMED) / 57" x 35"

SIZE (FRAMED) / 61" x 39"

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Untitled (Wassaic Cement Series Grey)
Untitled (Wassaic Cement Series Grey)


My work focuses on built forms, ruins, monuments and topographies in their moments of change. Each series of works is organized around an examination of materials from a specific place in a specific moment in history. This examination of space and architectural situations stems from ideas of possibilities of forms suiting the needs of a changing landscape and its mobile population. My obsessive treatment of surface space hand-records all these landscapes, blocks, tunnels, passageways and uses the material textures that allows me to dig back into the organic matter of these topographies. This process often visually references historical satellite imagery. The works collectively record the invisible history of where we go, where we live, how we create, erase and redraw borders and structures and where we call home.

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