About Us

Sugarlift is a mission-driven art gallery dedicated to building a more inclusive and inspiring art world.


Sugarlift was established in 2014 in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood and has since moved to Chelsea. The mission of our gallery has been consistent: to help more artists create sustainable careers by connecting them with a larger audience of collectors. Over the years, our gallery has evolved. We have embraced technology. We have pursued new ways for people to engage with and collect artwork. We are unafraid to change the status quo as long as it benefits artists and dignifies their work. We have had the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible artists alive. We are constantly in awe of their potential to create. And it’s the thoughtful, passionate collectors we’ve met along the way who empower these artists to make their work. Despite all that we have accomplished so far, we know that there is still a lot to do. The art world is changing very rapidly and we believe that there is enormous potential for good. We encourage artists to keep an open mind, work hard, create what they want to create and keep going. Collectors, we encourage you to keep supporting living artists’ work. Buy what you love and make sure that artists are being fairly compensated. Together we will change the art world for the better! 

Our Team: 

Wright Harvey, Founder

Hannah Foster, Director

Sylvie Kuvin, Associate Director

Siobhan Donnelly, Senior Curator

Sophia Rizzuto, Operations Manager

Kate Keery, Sales Associate

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