we're all about the art

Sugarlift was founded in 2014 as an art gallery in Bushwick. We had a dream of connecting talented artists with new collectors in hopes of creating a sustainable relationship between the two.

New collectors would have access to better art and artists would be fairly compensated for their work, which allows them to continue creating and evolve. And just like that, a virtuous cycle.

Since those early days, Sugarlift has evolved in many exciting ways, all with the purpose of creating more opportunity for our artists.

We work with individual collectors through our art advisory service in which we simplify the process of finding and collecting art. The traditional and online art market can be overwhelming, intimidating and customer-unfriendly, so we wanted to put the market on its head. Art is fun, so why shouldn't the process of collecting be fun as well?

Over time, we have worked with increasingly more interior designers who are facing many of the same challenges of their clients. We developed a Trade Program to help designers advise their clients using the same access, tools and techniques our team has developed. It's a win-win!

Custom commissions? Yes, please! Large-scale commercial project? Can do! From murals to framed photography, the relationships we have developed with our artist community allows us to dream big and execute projects of any scale.

Sugarlift is a community of artists, collectors and the people who connect them. We pinch ourselves every day to get to support this community and help it thrive.

And that's why...

we're all about the art.

Nicolas V. Sanchez in front of his colorful large-scale painting of a blurred woman

We can help you discover better art.