About Us

Sugarlift is a mission-driven art gallery founded in 2014 with a dedication to fostering a more sustainable and inspiring art world, focusing on connecting today's best artists with premiere real estate developers, architects, interior designers, and collectors. Originally established in Brooklyn's vibrant Bushwick neighborhood, our gallery has evolved and found a new home in the heart of Chelsea.

Our unwavering mission is to help more artists create sustainable careers by connecting them with a broader audience. Through embracing technology and innovative strategies, we continually seek new ways for people to engage with and collect artwork, challenging the status quo to benefit artists and dignify their work.

Our Artists

We are privileged to work with some of the most incredible artists, and we are constantly in awe of their potential to create. Our carefully curated roster showcases a diverse range of talent, style, and creativity, offering collectors exceptional pieces that resonate with their personal tastes and spaces.

Our Clients

We believe that thoughtful, passionate collectors empower artists to continue creating. By supporting living artists and ensuring they are fairly compensated, our collectors play a vital role in shaping a more equitable art world. Our focus on partnering with premier real estate clients ensures that we curate exceptional art experiences, enhancing the aesthetic value and appeal of each property.

Our Community

At Sugarlift, our mission goes beyond connecting artists and collectors. We believe in the power of art to uplift lives and create lasting, positive impacts within communities. Our team and the artists we work with have devoted their time and talent to support important non-profit organizations and causes through benefits, workshops, and volunteering.

Our Values

  • 1. Passion for art and supporting artists, inspiring others to understand the importance of art.
  • 2. Providing Danny Meyer-level hospitality to the art market, with empathy, kindness, and optimism.
  • 3. Embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic, and a commitment to constant improvement.
  • 4. Prioritizing teamwork, collaboration, and supporting each other through challenges and successes.
  • 5. Persisting with optimism and confidence, knowing we will face challenges but ultimately achieve our goals.

Looking Ahead

As the art world continues to evolve rapidly, we remain optimistic about its potential for good. To our artists, we encourage you to keep an open mind, work hard, and create what you truly want. To our collectors and partners, we thank you for your ongoing support and urge you to keep investing in living artists' work. Together, we can change the art world for the better!

Our Team

Wright Harvey
Sylvie Kuvin
Sophia Rizzuto