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our advocacy for artists

Sugarlift’s mission is simple:
to connect emerging artists with a new audience of collectors. This means helping potential buyers understand that they’re investing in an artist’s career, not just a single piece.

Even in the affordable art market, we can help contemporary artists grow more sustainable practices.

artists we work with are


Masters of their medium: Whether that be painting, print-making or photography.


Rigorous and curious in their practice: Understanding the traditions that came before them and skillful experimentation of the new.


Partners in creation: Sugarlift facilitates commissions and in-studio experiences with artists who love the process and meeting their collectors.

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Sugarlift is a good partner, both to help me reach new collectors, but more importantly to support my development as an artist.

Guno Park, Artist

We are thrilled to have not just beautiful artworks gracing our home, but most of all to have found an artist whose career we feel invested in and whose work we feel proud to display. Thanks to Sugarlift for making that process possible, for educating us along the way and bringing the entire experience to life!

Sara, Collector

What a wonderful experience working with everyone from Sugarlift. I placed a custom order for several pieces to be made for an office that I was working on. The art turned out to be amazing in the space, the quality was superb and delivery super fast. I recommend working with them!

Theresa, Designer

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