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Anna Núñez

Like a Starling, 2024
60" H x 48" W
At the start of 2024, I was wrestling with my creative process and looking for a new direction to take my art. Craving something I could really linger on—I was in search of a style to explore on a deeper level. Drawing inspiration from Anni Albers’ innovative works, Ruth Asawa’s intricate wire sculptures, and Mark Rothko’s emotional canvases, I began to walk along a more promising path. I leaned into repetition and layering as I continued exploring the relationship between order and chaos in my work. "Like a Starling" was one of the first paintings born of this exploration, and I loved watching their layers build up slowly over several weeks. Each mark added to the depth and story of the canvas. Each brush stoke seems to come to life, like a starling flying at dusk.
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