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Coro López Izquierdo

Sta. Rita, 2014
44.88" H x 72.83" W
Even if it is painted or drawn, a work of urban art is neither painting nor drawing: it is, above all, work with a context. The material is the city itself. The result has to do with the where, the how and the when, as much or more than with the what". The artist proposes a tour of urban art in different cities, selecting a series of interventions, according to criteria, for me, of emotion (the decorative part of urban art influenced by Klimt). Coincidentally, they are signed works by recognised authors, which contradicts their essence. The works have a specific physical scale, which interacts indirectly with the environment and with the spectator. The cities visited are Berlin, Paris, NY and Madrid. In each of these urban centres the way of occupying a surface is different. The bicycle (or the motorcycle) becomes a personal signature as a symbol. It runs through all these places and acts as a link between them.
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