Hannah Ehrlich

Hannah Ehrlich


Hannah Ehrlich studies unprocessed experiences, fractured memories, coping mechanisms, and the intricacies of human emotional survival. She explores these subjects through a process that is inherently taxing and defined by change, blending and distorting multiple textile practices such as weaving,…



As if it were yesterday, 2021
muslin​,​ wool​,​ house paint...
On Hold
75" x 50"
I heard the news​,​ then I ..., 2023
muslin​,​ rayon​,​ insulation...
On Hold
60" x 38"
Excess to some is surviva..., 2022
muslin​,​ wool​,​ velvet​,​ ble...
On Hold
88" x 61"
Nucleus, 2023
muslin​,​ silk​,​ bleach
On Hold
40" x 10"
The balance of life- an i..., 2023
muslin​,​ rayon​,​ bleach​,​ in...
On Hold
55" x 15"
Nexus, 2023
muslin​,​ wool​,​ gesso​,​ spra...
On Hold
48" x 18.5"
I wish I could remember w..., 2023
muslin​,​ rayon​,​ silk​,​ line...
On Hold
90" x 156"
Why do you care where my ..., 2021
muslin​,​ house paint​,​ spra...
78" x 48"