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Jelena Donko

Fractions of Probabilities #10, 2024
31.5" H x 23.6" W
We all share the universal sensation of time, the continuous flow that points towards the future. Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli put it quite elegantly by writing that "we inhabit time as fish live in the sea. Our being is being in time." Building on the ongoing Entropy series, Fractions of Probabilities further explores the sensation of time’s flow through compositional layering of paint and conceptual elements (layered acrylic lines on top of acrylic washes). The intention is to create an image that translates the duality (the fraction) between local time and universal flow. The sensation of now as it connects with another now - gradually blurring into the universal sensation of time. The deliberate offset within the composition thematises the intersection between different time fractions and is accentuated by the cutting and sewing of the canvas. The final artwork is then stretched onto a new frame, thus allowing the lines to flow over the edge in order to give the piece a spatial depth. The artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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