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Sigríður Huld Ingvarsdóttir

Urban Wildlife Berlin, 2021
22.8" H x 30" W
On Hold
Wherever I go I look for the wildlife in each place. And birds are always the first creatures I notice. Walking the streets of Berlin I see Hooded crows everyday going about their business. That particular day the Crow was feasting on a fellow bird the Pigeon, probably thinking it was a nice change from routing around in the rubbish for our leftovers. It wasn’t bothered by me sitting down and watching it eat it’s fill but I like to think it probable thought I should stop staring and leave it alone with it’s lunch. With each bite it ruffled it’s feathers and the sun reflected on it’s iridescent colours. The moment it gave me a side glance just before it pecked at the breastbone of the pigeon I was reminded of the brutality in the world. That moment was the inspiration for this painting.