Taylor O. Thomas

Taylor O. Thomas


A painting begins with a gesture I have borrowed from a dilapidated wall, cracking tile, scurrying commuter, or draping telephone wire. It continues based on the objects that jolt my attention within my studio walls. I mine for forms that approach “rightness” and "wrongness"…

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Tell Tale Signs, 2020
Acrylic​,​ oil stick​,​ and p...
39.5" x 27.5"
Calling Collect, 2021
Acrylic​,​ oil​,​ and pastel ...
30.5" x 28"
Waiting Room, 2018
Acrylic​,​ dry pigment​,​ pas...
68" x 60"
The Longer the Stare​,​ the..., 2018
Acrylic​,​ dry pigment​,​ pas...
68" x 60"
I Will Never...Ever Again..., 2018
Pastel and gel medium on ...
84" x 72"
Unconditionally, 2018
Acrylic​,​ oil​,​ gouache​,​ pa...
72" x 60"
Bike Crasht (the Brats), 2018
Acrylic​,​ flashe​,​ pastel​,​ ...
72" x 84"
Show Me, 2017
Acrylic​,​ oil paint​,​ oil s...
30" x 24"
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