Sep 10, 2020 - Oct 10, 2020
New York


September 10 - October 10, 2020

A still life may be static, but since the genre’s height in flowers, citrus, globes and skulls on Dutch Golden Age tables, we find that simple and stationary can breed magic: the ability to transform the everyday into something artistic, harmonious, composed and worth sitting with. Artists turn to still lifes when learning to sketch, experimenting with new techniques, or flexing their skills. The still life is the ultimate moment of meditation, honing an artist’s craft and a collector’s appreciation by breathing life and light into the everyday object.

Still is curated by Sotheby’s Old Master Paintings expert Calvine Harvey and contemporary artist Dina Brodsky.

Exhibiting artists: Abbey Ryan, Audrey Rodriguez, Benjamin Hope, Bryan Mark Taylor, Carlo Russo, Caroline Nelson, Chang Ya Chin, Clinton Hobart, Dale Zinkowski, Dana Zaltzman, Daniela Astone, Dave Fenoglio, Dennis Perrin, Dina Brodsky, Eileen Murphy, Emilie Lee, Eric Johnson, Erika Lee Sears, Evan Kitson, Grace DeVito, Grant Perry, Heather Ihn Martin, Jeremy Gooding, Jess Fields, Jose Escofet, Justin Wood, Kathryn Engberg, Katie G. Whipple, Ken Goshen, Liz Beard, Louise Ernestine Anders, Lucas Bononi, Mark Reeder, Milixa Moron, Miriam Escofet, Nicholas O'Leary, Nick Gebhart, Noah Verrier, Olamide Ogunade Olisco, Owen Normand, Patrick Lee, Paul Heaston, Peter Drake, Robert Lange, Sarah Sedwick, Todd M. Casey, Travis Schlaht, Tsultrim Tenzin, Zane York.