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450 Washington
Client: Related Companies Interior Design: March and White Design Architect: Roger Ferris + Partners Scope: Lobby, Amenity Areas and Model Unit Services: Art Curation, Custom-commissioned artwork, Print & frame fulfillment, Storage, crating, shipping, White glove installation, Image licensing Photography: Colin Miller Completion: 2022 450 Washington is a prestigious waterfront residence renowned for its intricate furnishings, extensive amenities, and a unique collection of artworks. Designed to cater to a round-the-clock lifestyle, the spaces within the building have been meticulously crafted to enrich the daily lives of its residents. Guided by persona-driven research, MAWD honed in on features that would most resonate with the inhabitants. Noteworthy amenities resulting from this research include a sophisticated golf simulator, a communal dining area complemented by a concealed industrial-grade kitchen, and vast co-working spaces. These spaces also boast a library, several conference facilities, and rooms specifically designed for virtual meetings. An expansive rooftop deck offers unparalleled 360-degree vistas, capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Hudson River and the iconic skyline of downtown Manhattan.