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Client: Related Companies Interior Design: Parts & Labor Design Scope: Artwork collection for restaurant, bakery, speakeasy Services: Art Curation, Print & Frame Fulfillment, Storage, Shipping, White glove installation, Bound Collection Catalogue Completion: 2023 Sugarlift's art curation at Greywind boasts an impressive collection of original works by a wide range of international artists, many of whom live and work in New York. Pieces hand-selected by Sugarlift’s curators capture nature’s beauty, poetic still life moments, and vibrant colors bursting from the canvas in a way that mirrors Greywind's artistic, seasonal menu. From Roberto Rosenman's Apples in Vessel to the abstract, lyrical art of Janna Watson and Jessica Matier, pieces in Greywind’s collection evoke the intimate feeling of dining at a serene Hudson Valley farmhouse.