Childrens Hospital of Montefiore Medical Center
“Moving Mountains” Gentleman’s Game for Montefiore Medical Center January 16, 2017 When visiting with patients and staff in the pediatric department at Montefiore, the collaborative artist duo Gentleman’s Game learned that healing does not just happen on its own. It is the result of an entire community of people working together -- patient's, parents, caretakers, doctors, siblings and staff -- who collectively move mountains. In partnership with the Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection, Gentleman’s Game designed an immersive art installation, “Moving Mountains,” which strives to inspire all of the participants in the Pediatric Infusion unit. The installation was designed to help navigate the space, create healthy distractions for patients and visitors, and take the patients on a transformative journey with the help of the Montefiore community. The central figure in the journey, the Bronx Mountain recontextualizes familiar elements of the borough, forging a relationship between the narrative’s fantastical world and the viewer. Look close and you’ll notice Yankee Stadium, elevated trains and the Bronx Zoo. Then step back and let your imagination wander within the magical landscape. Upon arrival, the viewer sees the Mountain tranquil and at rest. A Master Fleet of ships, each made unique by its sail, floats by. In another scene, the Mountain sits above the clouds, hot air balloons passing along. The viewer has been introduced to a new, but familiar world, one which encourages adventure and movement. As the viewer continues her journey, a fleet of boats, swans and other vessels pull Bronx Mountain through the water. Many characters are coming together to making the seemingly impossible possible. In the culminating scene, a crowd of hot air balloons and birds are towing the Mountain, which is now airborne over the ocean, a symbol of hope, healing and strength in numbers. When we work together, anything is impossible. We can literally move mountains.