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Alonsa Guevara

Moon on water, 2019
3" H x 2" W
on Consignment
This work is currently consigned with this gallery: Anna Zorina Gallery
Please contact the gallery or artist directly.
My work is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of the natural world as well as an investigation of the vital connection between nature, humans, and our spirituality. As a Latin-American woman that has lived in three countries, each with a unique society, culture and landscape, my work explores questions about identity, belonging and womanhood while offering my own understanding and appreciation of beauty. I use painting as a tool to depict magical worlds that invite viewers to enter a space where there are no limits between reality and fantasy, and where they can find their personal connection to each piece. In my work, I often depict imaginary rites in which people perform ceremonies to honor feminine energy, fertility, and the cycles of life. In these paintings, flora, fauna, fungi, and human bodies embrace each other, commemorating the connection between humankind and nature, a relationship that has weakened with the passage of time.
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