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Amy J. Dyck

Elevate, 2021
24" H x 18" W
Dichotomy is a collection of collages and paintings of women, referencing aspects of her depth, vulnerability, and strength. Each, complex and exploratory, they are in direct rebellion against the instinct to simplify her to only what is visible at first glance and hint at something more allusive and compelling in the whole of her. Every figure is embodied, holding dignity and wholeness within the chaos and mystery. The symbolism of red and pink help to animate the contrast and also connect us back to the flesh, the body, the self. I start with small collaged mixed-media explorations on paper with photos and paint. I cut, connect, disconnect, smear and explore alternatives until a figure emerges with a sense of embodied presence. These small works on paper can stand alone, but also feed the larger paintings in the series as they are explored further through paint and texture. This is a painting that was inspired by a collage made in this process.
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