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Bryan Valenzuela

Hearth V.1, 2018
106" H x 72" W
This is the first in a series inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s concept of building homes around a central hearth, around a warmth from which life and love radiate throughout the structure. The series began as a thought to create a healing center through mesmerizing bonfires around which viewers could gather, a space where the divisions of the current culture, the divisions of the political and personal natures could melt away amidst the primordial power in the stunning visual nature of fire. Since that beginning it’s taken on a metaphoric doubled edge in an exploration of its creative as well as destructive duality, touching on the occurrence of huge environmental wildfires that have raged up and down the California landscape these last few years. The canvas is hung freely on the wall like a tapestry using sewn velcro.
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