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Chantal Poulin Durocher

« Take a Pause », 2024
Works on Paper
80" H x 60" W
This charcoal drawing and our pause are intertwined, both urging us to acknowledge the profound beauty and transience of life. In this transience, there is a beauty, a chance to cherish each moment, each breath as a unique gift. To pause is not merely to stop. It is to acknowledge, to appreciate, and to marvel at the simple yet profound act of being alive. Each inhale and exhale is a gentle reminder of the fragile, wondrous nature of existence. In this awareness, we find peace, a sense of connection to the world and to the deeper aspects of our being. This is the essence of life - not just in the grand events but in the quiet, in-between moments where we truly meet ourselves. So, let us pause, breathe, and embrace the miracle of being alive.”
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